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FAQ About Teens and Facial Skin Problems

What do I do to prevent or treat ingrown hairs?

When hair starts to appear on your face, shaving can help keep skin smooth. But sometimes hairs that are cut too short curl back into the skin. That can cause painful bumps that may fill with pus.

Here are some shaving tips to help prevent ingrown hairs:

  • Wet your face well.
  • Keep your skin relaxed.
  • Shave in the direction the hairs grow, usually downward.
  • Don't shave the same area twice.

If you have an ingrown hair it will probably heal on its own. You can help by not shaving for a while. If it does not get better, see your doctor.

My skin is dry and flaky. What should I do?

If your skin is dry and flaky, here's what you can do:

  • Avoid taking hot showers and baths. These can remove moisture from the skin.
  • Use a gel when shaving. Follow with a moisturizer.
  • Be sure to use sunscreen year-round.

Sometimes flaking is caused by a medical condition that needs special treatment. If you also have flaky scalp and flaking is mainly in the middle of your forehead and either side of your nose, you should see your doctor.

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Reviewed by Daniel Brennan, MD on October 22, 2013

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