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How Do I Get a Girlfriend?

What teen guys need to know about dating.

Be a Friend

If you want a girl to like you, show her that what she says matters to you. How? Shut up and listen. Sitting still so that you can really hear what she has to say is a big part of dating.

Has she had a bad day? Let her tell you about it without interrupting -- just like you would with your best friend.

"When your best friend tells you he's got a problem that he can't figure out, you listen and don't cut him off, right?" Smiler asks. "Same thing applies to someone you are interested in. You want her to know that you get where she's coming from."

Say Something Nice

So, you've taken a girl out on a date and you've had a great time. You want to see her again. Make sure she knows that you like her.

"If you have a kind thought about her, say it," Lyon says.

For some guys, though, being up front about how you feel can be difficult. No problem. There are other things you can say.

"A girl will like hearing back from you," Lyon says. "If you have trouble telling her you like her, mention something special that you liked about the date or something funny that she said."

Little Things Matter

Don't let the movies or television teach you about dating. On both the big and small screens, most of what you see are larger-than-life moments. Real relationships are different.

"Dating's all about hanging out and talking," Smiler says.

The girl who you hope will be your girlfriend should be someone that you like to talk to, not just someone you like to look at. Most guys, Smiler says, already understand that.

"Boys choose as their dating partners someone they really like and are interested in getting to know better," says Smiler, author of Challenging Casanova: Beyond the Stereotype of the Promiscuous Young Male. "It's only a small percentage of guys that are dating simply for sex. Fooling around is not the driving factor for most boys."

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