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    Guys' FAQ About Puberty

    When Will I Have a Growth Spurt?

    A growth spurt means your body is changing more and more into a grown-up. You will know when this happens. Your baby face will slowly look more adult-like. Your clothes and shoes will feel tighter. You will gain weight. You will get stronger as your muscles grow bigger.

    The peak growth spurt for boys usually happens about two years after puberty starts. When it does, you will have fuller, broader shoulders and bigger feet and hands. One sign that a growth spurt is starting is a rapid increase in shoe size.

    A kid going through puberty usually grows about 4 inches taller every year until he turns 17. After age 17, your height probably won't change. About 25% of a person's lifetime growth in height happens during puberty.

    How tall you become usually depends on how tall your parents are. If you have tall parents, you'll probably be taller than average. If your parents are short, chances are, you will be, too.

    A growth spurt can also make you feel hungry all the time. That's normal. A growing body needs fuel. Just make sure you eat healthy foods and snacks.

    When Will I Grow Body Hair?

    You'll see hair first between your legs near your private parts. This is called the pubic area. Soon, you'll spot hair on your legs, underarms, and chest. As you continue through puberty, this hair will get thicker and curlier.

    If you still have baby-smooth skin on your face, don't worry. Facial hair grows later on in puberty. But soon enough you'll have a hairy "5 o'clock shadow" and will be asking to borrow your dad's electric razor.

    Why Do Boys' Faces Break Out During Puberty?

    The flood of hormones released by your body during puberty can make you sweat -- a lot. Puberty also makes the oil glands in your skin more active. Together, these two things can trigger pimples and zits. Your doctor calls this "acne."

    Keeping your face and body clean can help. But if your acne is very bad, ask your mom or dad to make a doctor's appointment for you. Sometimes, medicine can help clear up severe acne and prevent scarring.

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