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Guys' FAQ About Puberty

Why Do Boys' Faces Break Out During Puberty?

The flood of hormones released by your body during puberty can make you sweat -- a lot. Puberty also makes the oil glands in your skin more active. Together, these two things can trigger pimples and zits. Your doctor calls this "acne."

Keeping your face and body clean can help. But if your acne is very bad, ask your mom or dad to make a doctor's appointment for you. Sometimes, medicine can help clear up severe acne and prevent scarring.

Why Do Some Kids Start Puberty Early?

Some kids start puberty very early. If your testicles or pubic hair grow before age 9, you have what is called "precocious puberty." (In girls, precocious puberty is when they grow breasts before age 8.)

Obesity can cause early puberty. Sometimes a doctor can't tell why a boy starts puberty early.

If you are concerned about your changing body, writing things down in a journal can help. Your mom or dad will usually be able to tell when you have entered puberty or if you haven't. But tell your parents if anything troubles you or you think the changes aren't right.

What Else Happens During Puberty?

Puberty doesn't just mean body changes. All those hormones racing through your body can cause pretty strong mood swings.

It's normal to feel a bit confused or overwhelmed by all the changes going on in your life. You may also find that you're a lot more aware about and interested in sex.

Talking to your friends or family about your feelings and concerns can help. You will probably learn that your friends are feeling a lot of the same things. Don't worry. After a while, your hormones will balance out, and you probably won't feel so moody.

After puberty is finished, you are considered "sexually mature." That means your body has gone through the changes needed to allow you to make a baby.

If you have sex, even before puberty ends, you can get a girl pregnant. That's because you start making sperm early in puberty. You should always wear a condom if you are going to have sex. Condoms not only help prevent unwanted pregnancies, they help protect you from getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like herpes and AIDS.

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