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8 Ezzz Sleep Tips for Teens

Having trouble getting enough sleep? If you're like most teens, the answer is yes.

8 Ezzz Sleep Tips for Teens continued...

4. If you are stressed, relax with soft music or yoga right before bedtime. If you can’t relax, ask your doctor for help.

5.  Go to bed early when you’re ill. Even an hour earlier each night can help give your body the sleep it needs to get well. Be sure to plan for this added sleep time if you have to get up early for school.

6. In the book Smart Cookies Don’t Get Stale, dietitians Catherine Christie, PhD, and Susan Mitchell, PhD, say to eat high-carb snacks before bed. This makes you feel warm and sleepy. Try pretzels, cereal, graham crackers, fresh fruit, dried fruit, fruit juice, vanilla wafers, saltines, popcorn, or toast with jam or jelly.

7. Use good night “scents.” Christie and Mitchell say aromatherapy can boost sleep. Try orange blossom, marjoram, chamomile, and lavender scents. (If you’re using a candle or incense, be sure to put it out before you crawl into bed.)

8. Figure out what other things you use might make sleep difficult. If you are taking medications, ask your doctor if these might cause poor sleep. If you like caffeinated drinks, cut these out for a few days to see that helps. Many people find that chamomile and valerian herbal teas help them feel sleepy. These days you can find either or a combination of both at most drug stores and supermarkets. Try one to two strong cups at bedtime.

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Reviewed on April 01, 2007

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