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    How to Tell if Someone Likes You

    You like them, but do they like you back? Here are clues.

    Clues, Good and Bad continued...

    You might also ask your friends what they think. They may know better than you do.

    “Teenagers are really good at recognizing the romantic cues for other people,” says John Duffy, PsyD, a Chicago psychologist and teen relationship expert. “They’ll tell their best friend, ‘Hey, she really likes you, I can tell. You should do something about it.’ But when it’s about you, all your insecurities come to the surface.”

    If your friends say "no, that person is not into you," (or "that person is bad news"), listen to them, even though it's not what you want to hear. Trust that they've got your back -- you'd do the same for them.

    Flirting 101

    If you're sure you like them, and you think they like you, how do you move things forward?

    You might try a little flirting. We're not talking about anything scandalous. “Flirting is making the other person feel good about themselves,” Zahariades says.

    So talk to them. Make eye contact. Ask them questions that get them talking. Pay attention to them.

    Always be respectful. You don't want to accidentally make them feel uncomfortable. Don’t overdo it. If he or she does not seem comfortable around you, even if you thought they liked you, back off. Sometimes, people change their minds or you may have misread them. No problem -- there are plenty of other people out there who would love to talk to you!

    When the person you like is with you, they should feel important to you -- and you both should be feeling good.

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    Reviewed on December 13, 2011

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