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Teen Internet Safety Tips

With a few Internet safety tips, your online experience can be amazing!

Some Extra Words of Caution continued...

How Do I Report Creepy or Illegal Things Online?

While most Internet activity is legal, occasionally you might come across something that just seems wrong, creepy or even scares you. The first thing to do is tell your parents -- just like you’d do if a creep talked dirty to you at the movies. Your parents can support you and help you make the right decisions about what to do next. If you decide to report the suspicious activity or person, there are two web sites you can go to:

  1. For computer hacking, online stealing, or similar suspicious or illegal activity, go to Follow the instructions for how to report what you saw.
  2. For any suspicious activity involving sexual messages, someone sending you nude photos or asking you to send nude photos, someone trying to get you to do sexual things, or any other sexually related incident, go to

Admittedly, the Internet is completely awesome. It lets you discover an incredible new world and meet some great new friends in the next town or across the globe. Just use it with caution, since the trail you leave behind may come back to haunt you -- and your family and friends -- one day.

Reviewed on April 01, 2007

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