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Share Your Daughter’s Passion

Every expert who talked with WebMD about raising confident daughters agreed that parents can make a profound connection with their daughters by paying attention to their interests. “Showing interest in your daughter’s passions sends the message that what she likes matters,” says Steiner-Adair.

Listen for the things that light your daughter up and let her be the expert in these areas. When she talks about things that matter to her, ask her to tell you more. You might learn something new.

Be In It for the Long Haul

Raising confident daughters is long-term process. Some days you may feel you’re doing great, other days you may feel adrift at sea. If so, you’re not alone. “The goal is to raise daughters who can handle whatever situation comes at them,” says Deak. “If there were a set recipe for this, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

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