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    Emma Roberts: Life On and Off the Set

    The actress talks about her new film, "Celeste and Jesse Forever," young adulthood, and her charitable work with kids and teens.

    Emma Roberts: Exploring Young Adulthood

    Meanwhile, Roberts is exploring her own adult world -- maintaining an apartment, keeping her room clean without being asked, and staying fit with yoga and SoulCycle, an intense indoor cycling workout. Although she decided to take a break from school after attending Sarah Lawrence College last fall, she says she constantly reads on the set to help pass time.

    On the side, she models for Neutrogena, joking that being a face model is perfect since she's only 5 feet 2 inches tall. She is the spokesperson for the company's annual Wave for Change campaign, which helps teens give back to their communities; the money raised goes to educational charities. And Roberts herself gives back: In early 2006, she helped build houses for families who lost theirs in Hurricane Katrina. She has also been involved with the Lollipop Kids Foundation, which supports children with disabilities and their families.

    Even as she keeps busy with the Hollywood juggle, Roberts' connection with her family remains strong. "When I'm on location, I have my mom come stay with me because I get so lonely," she says. "I tell her I need her to drive me around -- I'm not a very good driver."

    Roberts is especially close to her 11-year-old half sister, Grace. "She visits me, or I steal her from my mom, and we go shopping," she says. "She's hilarious, and she's totally herself. She's the coolest person ever." Roberts takes pride in being a role model for Grace -- and for other young girls. "I see how impressionable they are, and I want to provide a good example," she says. "But I also think it's important to still be yourself -- and have your own life."

    Emma Roberts' Favorite Things

    Authors: Joan Didion, Chuck Palahniuk

    Comfort food: toasted sourdough bread with butter

    Dream: an all-girl band with her friends

    Exercise: SoulCycle and yoga

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    Reviewed on June 15, 2012

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