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Shaving Tips for Teen Girls

What to Do About the Bikini Area

Use your discretion when making the right choice for your bikini area. Preferences vary among girls and women and among cultures.

You can buy chemical hair removers (depilatories), which are applied directly to the skin and then wiped off a few minutes later. These hair removers do work, but some people are allergic to the chemicals. Always test a small area of skin first before using these -- even if you're using them on your legs or underarms. Sensitive skin may become irritated with this hair removal option.

Other options for hair removal in the bikini area and elsewhere include waxing, electrolysis, and laser hair removal. There are also electric and rechargeable razors made specifically for a woman's bikini area. 

When to See a Professional for Hair Removal

You can go to a professional for waxing, which involves applying a layer of warm wax to the places you want hair removed. When the technician removes the wax, the trapped hairs are pulled out. Some teens find that waxing is less painful than "plucking" hairs in unwanted areas; others think waxing hurts.

With electrolysis, a technician inserts a fine needle into the hair follicle and applies an electrical current. While electrolysis can permanently remove hair, many teens find it uncomfortable as it irritates the skin. Laser therapy is another method of removing hair in small areas, such as the bikini area. This type of hair removal is expensive, and it may cause scarring. Both of these methods require multiple sessions to permanently end hair growth.

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