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    HIV/AIDS and Teens FAQ

    Do you know someone who has AIDS? Or maybe you've heard about a celebrity who has it? Here are some quick facts:

    • AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV.
    • If you've got AIDS, your body finds it harder and harder to fight off infections.
    • The most common way to get AIDS is by having sex with someone who has it. But there are other ways, too.

    What happens when you get AIDS?

    When you get infected with HIV, your body's immune system gets weaker. The immune system is what makes your body able to fight off infection and disease.

    It takes time for this to happen. But when it does, it can lead to AIDS and be fatal.

    When a person has AIDS, the immune system is so weak it can't fight off viruses or bacteria. And it can't prevent certain kinds of cancer the way a healthy immune system can.

    While people can die quickly once they develop AIDS, HIV infections can be treated. It's possible with the right treatment to live a long, healthy life.

    How do people get HIV?

    People get HIV by contact with body fluids that come from someone who has it. For example, you can get AIDS in these ways:

    • Oral, vaginal, or anal sex without using a condom.
    • Injecting drugs with a needle that has also been used by someone infected with HIV.
    • Using the same needle as someone with HIV when you get a tattoo.

    Do only gay people get an HIV infection?

    No, you don't have to be gay to get an HIV infection. You can get AIDS from having sex -- without a condom -- with someone of the opposite sex.

    How can I avoid getting HIV?

    The best way to avoid getting HIV is to not have sex. If you do have sex, you can protect yourself with these steps:

    • Always use a condom when having sex.
    • Only have sex with one person who you know is not infected.
    • Do not use alcohol or drugs. That way you can make smart choices based on clear thinking.

    Activities like hugging, kissing, and rubbing against one another don't spread HIV as long as there are no open sores being touched. Also, you can't give yourself HIV by masturbating.

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