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  1. U.S. Teens Falling Short on Sleep

    March 28, 2006 -- Most U.S. adolescents are falling short on sleep, a new survey shows. Results of the National Sleep Foundation's "2006 Sleep in America Poll" include: One in five adolescents get the optimal amount of sleep for their age group (nine or more hours per night). Nearly half (45%) get a

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  2. Herb Use Linked to Teen Drug Use

    March 24, 2006 -- Teens who have tried herbal products are much more likely to try other potentially more dangerous drugs such as cocaine and anabolic steroids, a new study suggests. Researchers found teenagers who had used herbal products, such as dietary supplements, were six times more likely to

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  3. Teens' MP3 Habits May Up Hearing Loss

    March 16, 2006 -- New surveys show double trouble for high school students when it comes to hearing loss. First, high school students were more likely than adults to report any of these possible signs of hearing loss: Needing to turn up the volume on their TV or radio: 28% of students and 26% of adu

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  4. New Way to Cut Weight and Sugary Drinks

    March 6, 2006 -- Researchers have designed a new plan to help teens cut down on sugary drinks and possibly lose extra weight. The plan, described in Pediatrics, has three key features: Home delivery of calorie-free drinks to teens' homes. Counseling teens by phone about choosing calorie-free drinks.

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  5. Want Your Teen to Drive Safely? Talk the Talk

    Oct. 25, 2005 -- It may come as no surprise that teenagers with a fresh driver's license are more likely to take risks when driving than more experienced drivers. But a new study suggests that parents may be able to reduce those risks by talking to teens about the consequences for unsafe driving and

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  6. Popularity May Be Bad for Preteens' Health

    Sept. 15, 2005 -- Popularity may be hazardous to a preteen's health, Popularity may be hazardous to a preteen's health, according to a new study that shows popular preteens are more likely to start smoking at an early age than their less popular peers. Researchers say preteens may believe that being

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  7. College Drinking: Students Pass Alcohol Quiz

    Sept. 14, 2005 -- College students generally have a decent idea of how much alcohol they consume, especially if they're drinking beer, a new study shows. "It's good news for people who do survey research," researcher Aaron White, PhD, tells WebMD. "It suggests that when students self-report how much

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  8. Teen Illicit Drug Use Dropped in 2004

    Sept. 8, 2005 -- Teen use of marijuana, cocaine, and other illicit drugs was down 9% in 2004, according to the U.S. government. Teen cigarette smoking also fell. But underage drinking didn't improve, according to the 2004 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Trends for young adults (aged 18-25) i

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  9. Many Teen Boys View Pregnancy as Inevitable

    Sept. 6, 2005 -- More than half of sexually active teenage boys don't plan on getting someone pregnant but believe it's likely to happen anyway. A new study shows that 75% of sexually active teenage boys said they had no plans for pregnancy, but 56% said there was at least some chance they might get

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  10. Image-Conscious Teens Prone to Supplement Use

    Aug. 1, 2005 -- Peer pressure and media images of buff bodies may be driving a growing number of teenagers to turn to potentially dangerous supplements to bulk up their bodies and improve their body image. A new survey shows nearly a third of teenage boys and girls say they frequently think about wa

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