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  1. Teen Girls Bear Brunt of Stress Fractures

    Feb. 15, 2011 -- Stress fractures in teenage athletes are under-reported and more likely to affect girls than boys, according to new research. Track, cross country, basketball, soccer, and football were the top sports activities linked with stress fractures in the study. ''Parents should be aware, t

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  2. Prescriptions of Controlled Drugs Rise for Teens

    Nov. 29, 2010 -- Controlled medications are increasingly being prescribed for adolescents and young adults, even though abuse of such drugs has become a major public health concern, a new study shows. Controlled medications were prescribed for 11.2% of visits by adolescents aged 15 to 19 to health c

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  3. FDA: Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks Are Unsafe

    Nov. 17, 2010 -- Federal officials have warned four companies that caffeine added to some of their alcoholic beverages makes their drinks unsafe and has asked the companies to provide data concerning these safety concerns. The FDA and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued similar warning letters

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  4. Teen Brains: Seeing the Big Picture

    Nov. 15, 2010 (San Diego) -- For parents who grow frustrated with their children's seeming inability to understand others who have different points of view, here's hope from the scientists: Give it a few more birthdays. Teen brains get better in this regard. As children mature, the regions in a spec

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  5. Cutting Salt as a Teen May Help Heart Later

    Nov. 15, 2010 (Chicago) -- Cutting salt intake among U.S. teens by just half a teaspoon a day would prevent up to 120,000 deaths, 64,000 heart attacks, and 28,000 strokes by the time the adolescents reach age 50. So say researchers who used computer models and clinical data to predict the health eff

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  6. Teens With Low Self-Esteem Boost Image Online

    Nov. 11, 2010 -- When it comes to the Internet, teenage girls, particularly those with low self-esteem, don’t always present themselves honestly. Girl Scouts of the USA conducted a national survey in June 2010 of 1,026 girls ages 14 through 17. The survey found that girls often downplay their positi

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  7. Obese Teens at Risk for Severe Adult Obesity

    Nov. 9, 2010 -- Obese teens are at risk of becoming severely obese as adults, according to a new study. "What's unique about this study is, we are following them over 13 years," says researcher Penny Gordon-Larsen, PhD, associate professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hil

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  8. Too Much Texting Increases Health Risks in Teens

    Nov. 9, 2010 -- Teens who are excessive users of texting and social networking sites are much more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors like smoking and binge drinking than their peers who are not excessive users, a new study says. Researchers at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine surveyed 4

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  9. Unprotected Sex in Teens

    Nov. 8, 2010 -- Teenage girls are 30% more likely than boys to have unprotected sex the first time they have sexual intercourse regardless of any previous sex education instruction, new research indicates. Researcher Nicole Weller, a doctoral student at Arizona State University, examined data on 5,0

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  10. Bedtime Texting, Emailing Affect Teens' Sleep

    Nov. 1, 2010 -- Texting and emailing long after bedtime are common among children and teens, according to a new study, and could help explain why some are sleep-deprived the next day. The 40 students studied sent, on average, 33.5 texts or emails per school night after bedtime -- from 10 minutes to

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