What should I do after getting my wisdom teeth removed?


  • Use an ice pack on your face to curb swelling or skin color changes during the first 24-36 hours after surgery.
  • Use moist heat on your face for a sore jaw at least 36 hours after your surgery.
  • Gently open and close your mouth to exercise your jaw.
  • Eat soft foods like pasta, rice, or soup.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Start brushing your teeth the second day. Don't brush any blood clots.
  • Take the drugs your doctor prescribes to ease your pain or swelling.
  • Call your doctor if you have a fever, or if your pain or swelling doesn’t improve.
Reviewed by Alfred D. Wyatt Jr. on January 23, 2017
Reviewed by Alfred D. Wyatt Jr. on January 23, 2017


What should you avoid doing after wisdom teeth removal?


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